Use A Hamburger Moulder To Create Vegetable Patties

Posted on: 27 May 2020

Using your hands to shape vegetable patties can result in the burgers falling apart or having an inconsistent texture throughout each patty. Hamburger moulder equipment and a vegetable mixture that includes plenty of wet ingredients may yield a supply of patties that are uniform in appearance and texture.

Offering A New Menu Item Can Be Enticing

If you own and operate a small hamburger stand or a diner and have only been offering hamburgers that are made with meat until now, think about how appealing it will be for your vegetarian customers to learn that a line of veggie burgers will be available for them to purchase.

Consider how many varieties of vegetable burgers you would like to offer. If you plan on selling black bean, potato, pea or corn patties, electric equipment that contains several moulders and automatic presses will assist with churning out vegetable patties quickly. For one distinct patty type, purchase a moulding device and a manual press to prepare each one.

Binding Ingredients Will Aid In The Production

Burgers that are made with ground beef often contain eggs, which prevent the patties from falling apart. Since you are going to be producing burgers that contain vegan ingredients, you may want to invest in an egg substitute or olive oil to replace standard eggs. Vegetables that are moist will also contribute to binding all of the ingredients together. Mix all of the ingredients that are needed for your first batch of patties.

Attach all of the pieces that are part of the moulding set and use a piece of parchment paper or a layer of vegetable spray to line each moulding tray. The parchment paper or the spray will prevent the vegetable patties from sticking to the moulding trays. This will allow you to clean up quickly once you have finished preparing the first batch of patties.

Instead of being slowed down by needing to scrape ingredients from the base and sides of each moulder, you can begin preparing a second batch of patties right away. If you decide to purchase a single moulder and a manual press, use parchment paper and oil in the same manner as you would with an electronic moulder. When you are done using the equipment for the day, detach the moulders from the main unit and hand-wash them in a basin that is filled with soapy water. Dry the components and reattach them.

To learn more, contact a hamburger moulder equipment supplier.