Why Use A Water Delivery Service?

Posted on: 3 October 2019

The human body needs a lot of water to function correctly. When people are dehydrated, they may feel sluggish and tired, and the quality of their work will often suffer. As an employer, providing ample water for your staff will pay off in healthier, more productive staff members who are able to achieve more each day. Here are four reasons you should enlist the assistance of a water delivery service.

1. Be able to choose between bottled or filtered water.

Not all offices are the same. Each office has its own particular layout and culture, and as such, the water needs of each office will be different as well. You can choose between bottled or filtered water when you hire a water delivery service. This may be a good option for smaller companies with fewer employees. Small companies may not have the space for a water filtration system, but it's easy to store bottled water in a communal refrigerator.

If you want to encourage socializing among your employees, consider having filtered water delivered. Filtered water comes in large jugs which can be attached to a dispenser. Water dispensers can encourage people to congregate and chat in the break room, which can be excellent for team bonding and overall morale.

2. Keep errands to a minimum.

A delivery service means you and your employees will have to do fewer errands outside the office. Any time someone needs to fetch something on company time, you'll need to pay for their travel time and gas mileage. It's more efficient to keep your employees in the office whenever possible, rather than sending them out to pick up a fresh jug of water. A water delivery service will ensure that you always have fresh water available when you need it. Customize your delivery schedule to make sure you never run out.

3. Pay for fewer sick days.

According to The Independent, drinking plenty of water is good for the immune system. It improves kidney function and helps remove toxins from the body. By providing easy access to clean water that tastes great, you'll be encouraging your employees to hydrate. This can keep them healthy, which means you might end up paying for fewer sick days overall.

4. Avoid impurities in tap water.

Tap water is safe to drink, but it might not always taste good. The mineral content in water can affect its taste, sometimes making it unpalatable. A water delivery service will provide you with filtered water that has a neutral taste that everyone can appreciate.