How To Choose A Wedding Venue That Is Perfect For You And Your Caterer

Posted on: 23 April 2015

Planning your wedding is a very exciting time in a woman's life. There is so much planning to do, and considering every detail is very important. If you are planning a wedding soon, you need to be sure to find a wedding reception venue that will suit your needs well. Ensure you choose the right venue by following the tips provided in the guide below.

Consider the Size

When choosing a venue, you need to make sure that it is large enough to not only accommodate everyone that will be attending the event, but also that it can accommodate all of the equipment that will be needed, as well. The DJ will need to bring his or her sound system to play the music. You need to have room for people to be able to dance. You will also need enough room for the caterer to be able to set up the buffet or serving trays.

Consider the Kitchen

The caterer will need enough room to be able to arrange the buffet trays for the buffet, if that is the option that you are choosing for your reception. If you are choosing plated entrees, the caterer will need room to set up all of the plates that will be served. Be sure that you ask the manager of the venue what the policy is for bringing in outside caterers and how much space is available for the caterer to use. Also, be sure to ask if the caterer has access to the refrigerator and freezer. There are some items, such as the salads, that may need to be kept cold until it is time to serve them.

Consider the Time Restraint

Most venues allow you to have a certain amount of time to decorate and set up for the reception. You need to find out how far in advance the caterer can arrive to the venue to start their preparations and how long after the event they have to clean everything up. You want to be sure that your caterer is not having to rush to create plates or arrange food, as it could lead to an accident happening or food being ruined.

These factors are important to consider to ensure that your caterer is able to do their job efficiently. You need to make sure that you get the agreement in writing to ensure that everything the manager tells you is held up on your wedding day. For more tips, work with an experienced wedding caterer like Rooster Andy's Catering