Two Tips For Maintaining Your Frymaster

Posted on: 6 March 2015

Deep frying can be an excellent way to quickly prepare tasty food, but it can a very messy task if you do not have the right tools for this task. For those with a Frymaster, cooking fried food is an extremely easy and efficient process, but many people underestimate the work that is needed to properly maintained a Frymaster. Luckily, you can follow these two tips to help your fryer and home avoid being damaged by improper maintenance. 

Recycle Used Grease

Eventually, you will have to dispose of the grease that you have been using in the fryer and replace it with fresh oil. However, many people will make the critical error of improperly disposing of this grease. For those that attempt to pour it down the drain, it can quickly cause a major clog that requires professional help to remove. Also, it is not safe to pour this grease in the yard because it will kill grass and can attract pests. 

Fortunately, you can arrange for this grease to be recycled, and this will help you dodge these issues. If this is not a task that you have ever had to do, it is extremely simple. You only need to place the grease is a container that will allow you to take it to the recycling center, and once there, you will empty it into a special receptacle. While not every recycling centers can accept grease, most communities are served by at least one that can. 

Keep It Clean

There are some individuals that are under the impression that the only cleaning these devices require is changing the oil. While it is true that the oil does need to be changed on a regular basis, this is not the only maintenance that these devices need. 

At least once a month, you should thoroughly clean and disinfect the deep fryer. You can do this by simply filling it with water and adding a dish cleaner to it. This will kill any bacteria that is starting to grow in it, and it will lift out any grime that is accumulating on the sides. 

A Frymaster can be an excellent way of quickly preparing food for your family, but these systems require more maintenance than many people realize. However, much of this maintenance can be condensed into just a couple of tasks. In particular, following these two basic maintenance tips will help you get the most from your deep fryer while also avoiding some routine problems that arise. Fore more information, contact a company like K & D Factory Service Inc.